Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 3 gallons of gas campaign

As we all know, gas prices are hitting families hard. It wasn’t long ago that we complained about $2 a gallon. Now, it approaches $4.

While skyrocketing gasoline prices impact our own budgets, it harms those in most need of help more.

The furniture/household item delivery program at Fresh Start of Indiana, an organization devoted to getting domestic violence victims back on their feet, is facing cutbacks due to rising gas prices. The Indianapolis-based organization has had to reduce the number of furniture deliveries to their clients due to the increase of gas prices. This year’s budget was created when gas hovered around $3 a gallon, today, it is $3.75. Every increase at the pump hampers the group’s ability to help domestic violence victims get a “fresh start” in life with the simple necessities of a home.

I realize we are in challenging times, but I urge you to consider donating three gallons of gas, or more if you are able, to Fresh Start of Indiana. You can do this by supporting the “3 gallons of gas” team at Walking for Dreams May 18 in downtown Indianapolis.

Join as a member of the team and complete the 5k, or, if you would prefer, save the gas from driving downtown and make an online donation. Because corporate sponsors underwrite the cost of the walk, 100 percent of funds raised go directly to the organizations involved.

Thank you for your support of the 3 gallons of gas campaign. Together, we can make a difference for families in need in central Indiana.

To learn more about Fresh Start of Indiana, visit FreshStartofIndiana.org, or call (317) 541-1655.

How can I help?
Visit walkingfordreams.org, and either:
  • Click on “Make a donation.” Under teams, search for team members for “3 gallons of gas” or "Fresh Start of Indiana."
  • Click on "Register." Select "Join a team," then choose "3 gallons of gas."

What is Fresh Start?
Founded in 1997 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Fresh Start of Indiana, Inc. offers innovative, non-residential transitional support services to domestic violence survivors who have made the decision to leave their abusive relationships. Fresh Start is one of the only programs in Indiana offering unique services of ongoing transitional support to domestic violence survivors. It is a member of the Greater Indianapolis Advocates Against Domestic Violence.